Sunday, June 19, 2016

Understanding iThenicate reports...or maybe not!

I really did want to learn how to understand iThenticate's reports...but I guess I never will as the explanation and video  have been removed from the company's website!  Sorry! 

But I can buy credits and 'get a quote' to use their software!

You can go to the following link however and read the very long post and discover it also says nothing specific.  Whoever wrote it should write speeches for politicians...

And when I clicked on the link at iThenicate's site for the "Detailed User Manual", it opened up a new page with the following garbage.  Wow!  And this is from the same people who determine if your paper is free of problems.....hmmmmmm

Concerning 'problems' with the software reports, after a detailed analysis of 6 reports (line by line, linking URLs), it became obvious to me that there needs to be some serious 'tuning' done to the software search and reporting mechanism.  If someone cares to disagree with me, please look at the following results from a recent report concerning how the software reports the origination of data in a figure concerning confirmatory factor analysis.  

If you look at the 'problem' number it is indicated as '101'.  If you go to the end of the report and take the 'problem URL' and paste it into your browser, it takes you to a French movie web site!

It would be hysterically funny if it wasn't part of the reason for rejection by the editor of the paper..... in point. Do you see the problem here?
And here is the referenced link to this PROBLEM from which the researcher 'obtained' the data according to the software:

And here is the web site that this 'problem' was copied from according to ithenticate - a French movie web site!

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